Investment apartments
Investment apartments in Benecko, directly at the ski slope


The best of both worlds

Forget about spectacular developer buildings, which are captivating at first glance, but on the other hand you can see that they lack attention to detail and personal approach. We are not megalomaniacs who build one complex after another - we prefer to bet on smaller projects that "have soul" and convince. However, it is still a 100% development investment - with great potential. That is why we chose Benecko, a picturesque village in the Giant Mountains. The unique environment of the local national park offers a view of almost untouched nature and at the same time is a perfect place for recreation in summer and winter season. After all, our apartments are located right next to the local ski slope, which leads to the famous Kejnos slope. Just put on your skis and hit the road. The complex is a direct part of Benecko and you can park here all year round. Practically directly under the ski lift, regardless of the weather and snowfall.

High level of comfort
Untouched nature, a place for active relaxation and undisturbed work. You will simply fall in love with Benecko.
Investment opportunity
We consider this project to be a wise investment that will undoubtedly pay off over time.
New high quality building
We know what we're doing. We hired experienced architects, designers and builders. Simply put, we leave nothing to chance.

Construction schedule

See how our project will evolve over time

Till 30.11.2022

Raw construction, including roof

Till 31.3.2023

Interior fittings and rooms

Till 31.5.2023

External insulation and facade + landscaping

Till 30.9.2023

Construction decision - approval

Investment apartments in Benecko

A brand new development project

A mountain spa in the heart of the Krkonoše Mountains - 900 m above sea level, fresh air and a panorama that makes you suddenly forget everything that surrounds you. The protected landscape area of the Krkonoše National Park speaks for itself. At the same time, there is a modern ski resort, ideal for winter sports. 16 slopes, 5.5 km of slopes for beginners and advanced skiers, a slalom slope and snow parks with several ramps and obstacles. Night skiing and quad chairlift. For children, there is a ski park Havrland with many attractions. There are also trails for sledding or bobsledding, ski and snowboard schools. There are also equipment rentals. More than 100 km of groomed trails, beautiful views and uninterrupted experiences await cross-country skiers.
A paradise for ski lovers

5.5 km of trails for beginners and advanced skiers, 16 slopes. The longest of them, red, is 850 meters long and allows night skiing

Endless cross-country skiing trails

More than 100 km of groomed trails for cross-country skiers within combined circuits

Legendary ski resorts within easy reach

Benecko is located just 15 minutes from the Herlíkovice ski resort and 20 minutes from Špindlerův Mlýn.

Facilities (not only) for athletes

Ski and snowboard schools and rentals, restaurant and amusement park

5 objects in the Krkonoše countryside

Do you love relaxing in the nature? Do you want to ski, snowboard, and in the summer go for long hikes in the mountains?

Or maybe you just want to work on a new project for a week straight? We have good news - our apartments make a great base for all of these activities. Sophisticated interiors, parking, maid service and several restaurants nearby are just some of the amenities that individuals, couples and families will appreciate. Contact us using the form and we will answer all your questions.

Facility management
Our partner will take care of the thorough cleaning of your apartment. Order and reservation management can also be arranged. This will make the whole process as comfortable as possible.
Breakfast and dinner
Breakfast or dinner at unbeatable prices. Warm or cold breakfast for 200 CZK,- adults, 100 CZK,- children. Boarding for 280 CZK,- per person.
Parking lot
Directly below the apartments you can park all year round. However, you can comfortably move around the city without a car.
Benecko Apartments

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Introducing a new cosy development project that will offer 6 investment apartments in the picturesque landscape of Karkonosze Mountains. We are sure that the combination of protected landscape and high level of comfort will appeal to you.

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