Broker Consulting
About Us

We are financial and real estate consultants. We help people confidently manage personal goals and big life decisions. We inspire our clients and associates to grow and become financially independent.

The above corporate mission probably best describes what Broker Consulting is. It is a company that safely guides its clients through the complex world of personal finance and provides assistance even in such serious transactions as buying or selling real estate.

Czech company, which has been on the market since 1998. The headquarters are located in Pilsen, Prague and Bratislava.

The company, whose annual turnover from its core business will reach CZK 2.1 billion in 2020. We have been growing continuously for over 20 years.

A company that has uniquely bridged the worlds of finance, real estate and banking services. Its business model is absolutely unique in the Czech Republic.

A trusted partner for family finance and real estate sales that has served more than 600,000 clients in its history.

One of the largest financial and nowadays real estate services companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We work with more than 60 financial institutions. We maintain an important independence.

Ing. Jakub Krčmář
Volejte +420 736 233 144